GET /usersΒΆ

Response JSON object:

Attribute Type Description
data Array Array of user objects

User object:

Attribute Type Description
id String User’s unique id
url String User resource URL
username String User’s unique username
fullname String User’s full name
about String Additional information about the user
emailHash String MD5-hashed user’s e-mail address
state String State can be “active” or “deleted”

Example request:

curl -H "Authorization: your-apikey"  http://localhost:42042/v1/users

Example response:

  "data": [{
    "id": "716eeb7e-1fec-4eab-9e99-c35cbe7ae96b",
    "url": "http://localhost:42042/v1/users/716eeb7e-1fec-4eab-9e99-c35cbe7ae96b",
    "username": "cendari_notes",
    "fullname": "CENDARI Notes Admin",
    "about": "",
    "emailHash": "15ec72819c9c5c09104fbb03e23c899f",
    "state": "active"
  }, ...]