GET /setsΒΆ

Request filter parameters:

Parameter Type Description
dataspaceId (optional) String Unique identifier of the dataspace object
state (optional) String Valid values are: active, deleted, and all. Default is active.

Response JSON object:

Attribute Type Description
nextPage (optional) String URL of the next page of results
currentPage (optional) String URL of the current page of results
data (optional) Array Array of set objects
end Boolean false if there are no more sets to return, otherwise true

Set object:

Attribute Type Description
id String Unique id of the set object
url String Set resource URL
name String Set unique name
title String Set title
description String Additional information about the set
dataspaceId String Unique id of the dataspace that the set belongs to
dataspaceUrl String URL for the dataspace that the set belongs to
resources String URL for the set’s resources
state String State can be “active” or “deleted”

Example request:

curl -H "Authorization: your-apikey"  http://localhost:42042/v1/sets

Example response:

  "nextPage": "http://localhost:42042/v1/sets/query/results/AAAAAAAAAAAAAAFN1yVT1AAAAAAAAAAKAAAACg==",
  "currentPage": "http://localhost:42042/v1/sets/query/results/AAAAAAAAAAAAAAFN1yVT1AAAAAAAAAAAAAAACg==",
  "data": [{
    "id": "2bba037f-d5c3-482a-965c-89f057582b37",
    "url": "http://localhost:42042/v1/sets/2bba037f-d5c3-482a-965c-89f057582b37",
    "name": "9200316-bibliographicresource_3000073808381",
    "title": "Aerial photograph, Lombartzyde, Belgium, 1917",
    "description": "",
    "dataspaceId": "099c3cae-9fe2-4acf-970f-b5b149eeae24",
    "dataspaceUrl": "http://localhost:42042/v1/dataspaces/099c3cae-9fe2-4acf-970f-b5b149eeae24",
    "resources": "http://localhost:42042/v1/sets/2bba037f-d5c3-482a-965c-89f057582b37/resources",
    "state": "active"
  "end": false

Example response when there are no more results to return:

  "end": true

Example request with filter parameter dataspaceId:

curl -H "Authorization: your-apikey"  http://localhost:42042/v1/sets?dataspaceId=099c3cae-9fe2-4acf-970f-b5b149eeae24