GET /resources/$idΒΆ

Returns resource metadata


Parameter Type Description
id String Unique identifier of the resource object

Response JSON object:

Attribute Type Description
id String Unique id of the resource object
url String Resource object URL
dataUrl String Resource file URL
viewDataUrl String URL for CKAN resource preview
name String Resource title
description String Additional information about the resource
format String Resource file format
mimetype String Resource file MIME Type
size Integer Resource file size (in KB)
created String Timestamp created in ISO 8601 format
created_epoch Integer Timestamp created
modified String Timestamp last modified in ISO 8601 format
modified_epoch Integer Timestamp last modified
setId String Unique identifier of the set that the resource belongs to
state String State can be “active” or “deleted”

Example request:

curl -H "Authorization: your-apikey"  http://localhost:42042/v1/resources/fee6284a-154d-4a33-832c-1836c5561658

Example response:

  "id": "fee6284a-154d-4a33-832c-1836c5561658",
  "url": "http://localhost:42042/v1/resources/fee6284a-154d-4a33-832c-1836c5561658",
  "dataUrl": "http://localhost:42042/v1/resources/fee6284a-154d-4a33-832c-1836c5561658/data",
  "viewDataUrl": "",
  "name": "CENDARI-logo.jpg",
  "description": "CENDARI logo 150x150 without text",
  "format": "JPG",
  "mimetype": "application/octet-stream",
  "size": 1,
  "created_epoch": 1427724584090,
  "modified_epoch": 1427724584090,
  "setId": "5038ef1a-475b-4312-b395-b63a2e2252fc",
  "state": "active",
  "created": "2015-03-30T16:09:44Z",
  "modified": "2015-03-30T16:09:44Z"